Welcome to Health By Hypnosis

Welcome to Health By Hypnosis

Hypnosis provides real solutions to affect real life change in a tangible, sensible and fun way. Based in Red Bank, New Jersey, I practice locally and via Skype, offering one-on-one counseling and hypnosis sessions. My holistic approach to hypnosis guides you to becoming your best self by incorporating my empathetic listening, insight, intuition and practicality so your life changes happen organically and with joy. Expand your mind and access your power.

Our past does not equal our future and we all have the power to make the changes necessary to live our lives the way we’ve always wanted. Let me help you unlock that power to transform your life and achieve your goals. Read more about my hypnosis programs or contact Health by Hypnosis for more information.

Achieve Your Dream Body

Have you tried every diet trick in the book and still have not been able to stick to your weight-loss goals? It’s not about your willpower, it’s about your subconscious programming that’s getting in the way. Hypnosis for weight loss has proven to be an effective, safe and pain-free option.

Get relief from Stress & Anxiety

Does stress or anxiety impact your daily life? Don’t let it bog you down and affect your health and well-being. Hypnosis for stress management can lift the weight of the world off your shoulders.

Gain the Self-Confidence You’ve Always Wanted

Does insecurity keep you stuck from doing what inspires and excites you? Increased self-confidence and motivation can make you an unstoppable force towards success. Boost your confidence through hypnosis and live up to your true potential!

Kick Addictions to the Curb

Are addictions controlling you even though you've tried to quit on your own ? Whether your goal is to quit smoking, stop nail-biting or binge-eating, hypnosis offers successful, long-term solutions.

Build Stronger Relationships

Do you want to have better relationships? Whether personal or professional, hypnosis and NLP can help you build stronger relationships through better communication and understanding.

Make Time Work for You

Are you always late? Is it hard for you to say no and then regret that you won't have time to fulfil your promise? Utilize various time management techniques to accomplish what’s important to you. Gain the power to use time efficiently and effectively by establishing boundaries and understanding your needs and goals.

Can hypnosis really help me?

In a word, yes. But you have to participate as well. It isn’t a magic wand, however by getting into a relaxed state of hypnosis, you can access the subconscious mind where positive changes take place.

Hypnosis can help in so many areas of life: Habits, addictions, stress, fears and phobias, and blocks preventing you from moving forward.

When you are in a hyper-suggestible state, you are actually deeply focused inward. Both your subconscious and conscious mind are working together. I look at it as the subconscious is driving and the conscious mind is in the back seat. The subconscious mind is more active while the conscious mind is aware and protective to make sure you are safe.

By my asking the right questions and actively listening to you, I will have an understanding of who you are and what the presenting issues are. Maybe you’re not sure what you really want. Sometimes you don’t realize that until you say it out loud and we have a conversation about it. Together, we can discover where you want to make changes in your life.